2022-12-09 GENERAL HOUSE

XXI OIEC General Assembly & World Congress

On the XXI General Assembly of the International Catholic Education Office (OIEC), held in Marseille on November 29, 2022, the Marist Brothers were called to participate in the election of the new President, Secretary General and Executive Council of the mentioned Organization. Bro. Marciano Guzmán Moriana, on behalf of the Director of the Secretariat for Education & Evangelization, Bro. Carlos A. Rojas Carvajal, participated in the voting. The Assembly concluded with the election of Father Jawad Alamat as the new President, Hervé Lecomte as the new Secretary General and the Marist Brothers were appointed to the Executive Council of the OIEC.

Subsequently, between 1 – 3 December 2022, the Palais du Pharo hosted the XXI OIEC World Congress with representatives of Catholic Schools from around the world. The purpose of the event was to showcase the various testimonies in the field of Educational Innovation, highlighting the need to continue the integration of the Global Education Pact within it. On this occasion, the Marist Global Family also counted on the participation of the Secretary of the Secretariat for Education & Evangelization, Mr. Diugar E. Madera Buscarini, who noted the great motivation of the organizers and participants of the event.

The evening of December 3, 2022, concluded with a dinner to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the OIEC, with the participation of important figures such as Monsignor Paul Tighe, Secretary of the Dicastery for Culture and Education (Culture Section), and the film director Evgeny Afineevsky, who made the documentary on Pope Francis in 2020.


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