Year of Marist Vocations

Caring for and generating Marist life

From 20 May 2022 to 06 June 2023

This special time is an opportunity for the Institute to take up with strength and enthusiasm the theme of Marist Vocations, of consecrated persons and laity, from the perspective of a renewed vocational culture. In this period the history of the origins of the Marist Brothers is remembered, which commemorates the impressive vocational resurgence of the years 1822 and 1823, after the great vocations crisis that the Institute suffered, some years after its creation.

A time to strengthen our identity and charism

Last June 25th, in my letter to the Provincials and District Leaders, I announced the Year of Marist Vocations. I expressed it in this way: “we propose that the Institute dedicate a year to take up the theme of Marist vocations again with vigour and enthusiasm through promoting a renewed culture of vocation. The proposal is to carry it out from 20 May 2022 to 6 June 2023. These dates bring to mind the history of our origins when there was an impressive surge in vocations between 1822 and 1823, after the great vocation crisis suffered by the Institute just a few years after its beginning. Marcellin’s experience 200 years ago, with great faith and trust in God and Mary, can be a key point of motivation for this initiative”.

I encourage all the Administrative Units to reflect and make a plan to live this year, being a Global Marist Family, as a time to strengthen our identity and charism. We would like to offer our witness and visibility to the new generations. We would like to accompany young people in reflecting on their own vocation at the same time making known the possible ways to live Champagnat’s charism in our days, as brother or as lay Marist.