2008-09-12 CAMEROON

Year of Spirituality

The theme of the retreat was most welcomed and it helped understanding better the book Water from the Rock. It was very inspiring and suitable for the Marist Spirituality year. It was very enriching, motivating and challenging too. For some of us, the theme helped us to reflect deeply for the first time on Marist Apostolic Spirituality. It was very good that time was taken to explain all the chapters and even beyond. Apart from that the chance given to us, to express our own feelings towards the chapters, the insights that came up during the meditation were quite good and encouraging. They were, at the same time, simple enough to be understood, clear and profound. To use one sentence of our book, they were ?down-to-earth? (cf nº 34).

It was enjoyable, in a special way, the invitation to a deep prayer life. In fact it was an invitation coming from the book itself on our spirituality (cf nº 81.83). It was quite challenging to discover it. Other important documents of our institute should be presented in a similar way so as to get the maximum of richness they have. There was an ample space for questions and answers. Therefore the understanding of the document was very clear. The explanation on various numbers of great and special importance coupled with the experience and a wider information coming from other Marist documents and from the Bible make the whole week very attractive. Through the study of Water from the Rock we came to understood better our identity as Marist Brothers in the Church as well as what we are expected to do.

Each group responsible for preparing the Eucharist did a good job. The homilies made it prayerful and kept the theme of the day running. From the biblical texts the homily constituted a deep reflection linking it to the theme of the day. They were an excellent support for our meditation, enriching, motivating and challenging. This was because they were able to throw more light on the readings and on the book Water from the Rock. They brought together the Marist world, the Marist tradition and the biblical world. They gave meaning to the Eucharistic celebration, making of Christ the focus of our retreat. It was one of the things that some of us most enjoyed. It was easy to understand the readings in such a way. And there was an invitation to make all these documents applicable to our daily situations.


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