2020-09-14 PHILIPPINES

Young Brothers from MAPAC speak about the pandemic

Since the pandemic began, the brothers of the Marist Asia Pacific Center (MAPAC) in Manila, Philippines, have tried to continue with their mission and apostolate – beside the children, Youngs, and people in need – despite existing restrictions and limitations.

MAPAC is the Post-Novitiate House of Formation for the Provinces and Districts of Asia and the Pacific. It is made up of 7 Brother Formators, 17 student brothers, and now 10 postulants from Timor Leste. They are from 13 countries.

Here below MAPAC Brothers share some reflections based on the question: How is this virus affecting their lives and mission of the Marist brothers?

  •  “After one and a half months, when the pandemic spread to all over the world, especially to the Philippines, our daily life at MAPAC was totally changed. Seeing so many people are suffering in the world, it evokes a lot of feelings in me. At the same time, I pray a lot for those who are affected and their families. I hope the world can get rid of the pandemic and go back normal soon” (Br Joseph).
  •  “The virus is causing us to return to our true vocation. We are called to grow with each other and take what we have and give to those we are working with. We have, for a long time, given up on getting to know ourselves and our Brothers. The virus, also known as lockdown, has forced us to return to each other in getting to know ourselves and therefore is a blessing for our ministry.” (Br Larry Lavallee)
  • “The pandemic has affected the mission of the Marist brothers in such a way that we Find new ways of proclaiming the Word through the use of the Internet and social media platforms.” (Br Karl Angelo Labio)
  • “The covid19 is affecting our charism towards the marginalized. We Marist Brothers who are always sensitive and ready for marginalized are unable to approach them. Yet we believe there is always light after dark. We all have a beacon of hope and pray that our Good God will bring good days to us we ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen” (Br Anthony Qummar).
  • “It affects how we treat others. There is already a boundary when we approach other people, especially the poor people, because we first look for our own health over others” (Br Engel Freed Java).
  • “I saw the virus is affecting our lives as Marist Brothers really much, but in both sides negative and positive. For example: we can’t go out so we spend more time with one another, we can’t see face to face during study class but we can learn how to use the social media, we can’t do what we want like before but it helps us to be flexible in so many situations” (Br Anh Hoang).
  • “We see and experience so much suffering on many levels for so many people. As I look at in another hand, I think this is a good time for me as Religious Brother to do something, not only pray but to act and help those people that are affected by this virus” (Br Melquiano Obe).
  • “As l reflect on this, it is also a nice moment for us to think in a different way for our mission and also, it’s good time to have new activities aside of our apostolic work; Like alms giving, etc.” (Br Benjamin Corbafo).
  • “As for me, the Corona Virus was affecting me and blocking me in the relationship with my student children in my apostolate and the dialogue with people. However, this is happening and is also an opportunity for me to see how God is testing my faith and how much I believe in God” (Br Tran Dinh Luan).
  • “We see and feel this virus brings harm to our world and has changed so many things in our lives. The truth is that since the time this virus started, many people in the world have sacrificed their lives and bring out their goodness to help others, especially strangers. It also brings the world together as one to look for the solution of this pandemic” (Br Steve Vaea).
  • “It helps me to take care of our common home, planting some plants around our property. I pray to the Lord to heal our world, because the world has so much suffering from this pandemic crisis Amen” (Br Jacinto Anacletho).

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