2013-02-17 BRAZIL

Young man, where is your heart ?

Inspired with the desire to follow Christ in the Champagnat way, the young men Pierre (Araçuaí-MG), Frederico (São José da Lapa-MG), Jefferson (Aracati-CE), Dayvid (Aracati-CE), Laércyo (Balsas-MA), Julianderson (Aliança-PE), Lucas (Surubim-PE) and Mário (Vila Velha-ES) passed some days in retreat before entering the Marist pre-postulancy in Vila Velha-ES

The Biblical text guiding the prayer of the young men was taken from the Gospel of Luke (Lk 12 : 22-34). In this passage Jesus is in dialogue with his apostles, in friendly conversation, and he removes from their hearts the worries which prevent them making a free choice in following the Master for the cause of the Kingdom. The words of Jesus have been transformed into a question for the youths : Young man, where is your heart ? And Jesus concludes that « where your treasure is, there your heart will be too ».

The retreat was directed and guided by Brothers Márcio, Paulo Soares and Dener.

Let us pray the Lord of the Harvest that these young men keep their eyes fixed on Jesus and are always conscious of the place where the heart, the energy and the calls of the Lord are to be found.


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