2015-03-09 MEXICO

Young People Building a Better World for Everyone

The First International Marist Youth Leaders Camp took place from February 19 to 23 in Tapalpa, Jalisco (Province of Western Mexico), with the participation of the United States, Venezuela, Colombia, Brazil and both Marist Provinces of Mexico. It involved young people between 16 and 20 years of age, who have somehow “made a difference” in their schools and hometowns, and also their advisors, a group of adults who believe in young people and are willing to encourage the process of youth empowerment, participation, and leadership in the Marist works.

The Camp included different formation activities: workshops offering useful tools aimed at helping the young participants grow as Marist leaders; challenges bringing out the best of themselves to place it at the service of others; solidarity work experiences as a glimpse on the Mexican reality, in order to become aware of the struggle for daily bread, and learn to appreciate what they have; presentation of the projects underway in the Marist works aimed at encouraging youth participation; a beautiful cultural exhibition with elements from the participants’ hometowns; and a celebration of life and Marist identity, inviting them to a deeper I-am-Marist experience.

We organized communication and collaboration networks among the participants to continue building something new together as young Marists. The Camp helped them dream, and gave them tools to make their dreams come true.

We are sure that this arena of youth ministry is helping young people build a better world for everyone, and motivating them to involve many more friends in this project. Thank you for being ready to believe in young people, work with them, and bring forth their leadership.


Bro. Agustín Acevedo Sánchez
Provincial Councilor and MYM Advisor


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