28 de julio de 2010 FILIPINAS

Con María, nuevos maristas hacia una tierra nueva

Más de 100 educadores provenientes de diversos colegios maristas participaron en el 8o Congreso de educadores maristas que tuvo lugar en el Convention Center of The Farm, en Koronadal City, del 26 al 28 de mayo de este año. Los administradores y algunos profesores participaron en el encuentro de 3 días escuchando los informes de las distintas comisiones y programas relativos al sistema educativo marista aquí en las Filipinas.

Dicho encuentro comenzó con la celebración de la Eucaristía presidida por el obispo Rómulo de la Cruz, de la Diócesis de Kidapawan, mientras que el H. Paterno Corpus, FMS, de la Marist School Marikina y la Dra. Norma Segocio, de NDDU, dio la bienvenida y presentó a los participantes, huéspedes y facilitadores respectivamente. El H. Manuel de Leon, FMS, Hermano Provincial de la Provincia de East-Asia, ofreció su discurso de apertura explicando los desafíos y llamadas del reciente XXI Capítulo general que tuvo lugar en Roma.

Durante las sesiones del segundo día fueron presentados: un informe sobre la implementación del programa de formación para laicos maristas, un proyecto de programa de liderazgo marista, el informe sobre los proyectos del jubileo de diamante marista, programas unificados de espiritualidad y de deportes en las escuelas maristas.

Las decisiones y declaraciones del 8º Congreso Marista facilitado por el H. John Tan, FMS, se dieron a conocer antes de la liturgia conclusiva presidida por el P. Jonathan Sarcon, capellán NDDU.

El 8º Congreso de Educadores tuvo lugar en la Universidad Notre Dame of Dadiangas y fue presidido por el H. John Y. Tan, FMS.

Damos a continuación la Declaración final en inglés:

Statement of the 8th Marist Educators? Congress
?With Mary, New Marists Towards a New Land?

With Mary as guide and companion, we, participants of the 8th Marist Educators? Congress, affirm that evangelization is the focus and priority of our ministries, proclaiming Jesus and his message. We believe that we are impelled by God to go out into a new land, to facilitate the birth of a new epoch for the Marist charism. We dedicate ourselves to move on, without hesitation to let go of the familiar, and to embark on a journey of institutional and personal conversion over the next years.

This authentic renewal invites us to a genuine change of heart which urges us to set future directions to our institutions. Therefore:

1. As Brothers and Mission Partners together, we strive for greater vitality in our institutions and missionary endeavors as we recognize the vocation of the Lay Marists and make ourselves co-responsible in our formation and in vocation promotion.

2. In our desire to find new and creative ways to educate and evangelize the young, we strive to have common advocacies which affect them especially in the areas of education, health, environment, good governance, women?s and children?s rights and issues on justice and peace.

3. In all our decision making, we direct ourselves and encourage our constituents to make the rule of thumb the process of discernment leading us to consultation, dialogue, and consensus building.

4. In recognition of the Marist Mission, we support the Lay Volunteers? Program and the Champagnat Marist Family Movement (CMMF) and open ourselves to the mission initiatives of the East Asia Province and Marist General Council.

5. As apostles living in a globalized world, we endeavor to have hearts and minds that are international in outlook and at the same time aware of our own cultural uniqueness and identity.

6. In the running of our apostolate and missionary work, we make use of modern technology judiciously as a means of improving the delivery systems of our institutions.
We continue to find ways in addressing issues and concerns that have remained an unfinished business even as we set forward to new horizons. Therefore, we:

7. Continue to dedicate ourselves to have a common understanding of Mary in our lives.

8. Strive to become more active in our role as educators in the missionary activity of the Church.

9. Pursue the practice of gender sensitivity in all our dealings with one another.

10. Re-visit our school policies to ensure that they are grounded on the Gospel values, Church teachings, civil laws, and the values of Mary.

11. Carry on with more enthusiasm the implementation of the Lay Formation Program.

12. Address on what is the Marist way to face and handle social concerns, issues, and advocacies in our institutions such as mining, reproductive health and ecological issues.

13. Intensify the implementation of the Marist Diamond Jubilee Projects.

We continue to renew ourselves and journey together towards a new land. May St. Marcellin Champagnat continue to guide us as we live our vocation of following Christ with joy, sensitivity, love, and enthusiasm.
Resolutions of the 8th Marist Educators? Congress

?With Mary, New Marists Towards a New Land?

We, the participants of the 8th Marist Educators? Congress hereby resolved the:

1. Acknowledgment of The Farm Management for its satisfactory accommodation;

2. Acknowledgment of the Notre Dame of Dadiangas University , for its successful hosting of the 8th Marist Educators? Congress; and

3. Endorsement of Marist Administrators? Formation Program to prepare potential personnel for administrative responsibilities;

4. Endorsement of the Marist Meet Guidelines for an organized and systematic conduct of Meet in all levels;

5. Endorsement of the Marist School-Marikina as the host of the 9th Marist Educators? Congress;

6. Intensification of the implementation of the following:
a. Zero Waste Management; and
b. Support for Marcellin Home Foundation;and

7. Endorsement of the proposal that each institution shall come up with action plans supporting the statements of the 8th Marist Educators? Congress

Done this 28th day of May 2010 at The Farm @ Carpenter Hill, Koronadal City.


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