18 de septiembre de 2020 NIGERIA

Presentación en el MIC de un libro del H. Francis Verye sobre psicodinámica en la gestión escolar

El 23 de agosto de 2020, en la capilla del Centro Marista Internacional, fue lanzado el libro del H. Francis Verye: Psicodinámica en el liderazgo escolar: desafíos y oportunidades.

La obra fue muy recomendada a todos los asistentes y a aquellos que ejercen algún tipo de liderazgo, como una herramienta de resolución de problemas. Su lectura también fue aconsejada a los que no estuvieron presentes para tomar una copia del libro.

El H. Francis Verye, del Distrito West Africa, se educó en Camerún, Nigeria, Kenia, Gran Bretaña y Estados Unidos de América. Durante el último período, ha pasado casi diez años en el MIC, y cuando sea posible, espera poder viajar a Ghana, donde se dedicará a la Educación Marista.

The day was Sunday, the 23rd of August 2020. The venue was the Marist International Centre Chapel. The occasion was the book launch. The Master of Ceremony, Brother Phillip Okoliko (fms) welcomed the participants present before ushering in Br. Francis Verye.

 Br. Francis Verye (fms) heartily welcomed the Superior of Marist International Centre, Br Mark Anokwuru (fms), the Principal of Marist International University College, Br Albert Nzabonaliba (fms) and the guest speaker, Prof. Majawa Clement of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, (CUEA). In praise of the work and contribution of Prof. Majawa, Francis intimated that whenever he encountered hurdles in the course of his PhD studies, he readily sought solace in the academic sanctuary of Prof. Majawa. Prof. Majawa was essentially the anchor on which to rest who accompanied him throughout the process for no one works along this academic journey alone.

In his characteristic style, Br. Verye described the research as borrowing many ideas of those who know better and acknowledging them. The myriad of definitions of leadership in his book were highlighted by alluding to the contributions of some prominent authors to buttress the point of research, giving a flare of what he was talking about. Taking Augustine Comte’s division of history from the metaphysical, superstitious and scientific epochs as a springboard, he highlighted the role of religion in schools and the religious orders in education.

 Br. Mark Anokwuru welcome the guest speaker Prof. Majawa, thanking God that the day indeed has come, highlighting the sacrifices of the author, Br Verye, and thank Prof. Majawa the main guest for his availability.

Br. Francis presented Prof. Majawa to the audience, who began by thanking God for the day and for the invitation extended to him by giving the synthesis of the book. Making an analogy with the confession of Peter in the Gospel of the day (Matthew 16:13-20), he highlighted main thrust of the book which is holistic leadership.

The book has highlighted, filled and addressed nine gaps in the current literature on leadership, namely: materialism vs religion, vocation vs profession, divine vs human, spiritual values vs exterior framework, common good vs individual rights, integrity vs corruption, loving care vs positional rules, rhetoric vs reality, shepherding vs economic prosperity, witness vs structure.

 The following of the book is essentially as follows: Chapter 2 of the book essentially a philosophical review of literature on leadership through the ages. Chapter 3 examines evolution of leadership. Chapter 4 talks about leaders as communality, Chapter 5 dwells on challenges and controversies around leadership today notably relativism versus absolutism. Chapter 6 posits leadership as steward of the himself and of the environment, Chapter 7 highlights the contextualization of leadership. Chapter 8 extends leadership in the context of globalization and Chapter 9 concludes the book with 12 practical recommendations

Br. Albert Nzabonaliba, thanked Prof. Majawa, firstly, as a friend of the Marists for the last two decades, secondly, for the encouragement he gave to Br. Francis Verye. Lastly, he paid glowing tribute to Br. Francis as a beacon of hope, and encouragement for others while presenting him as an example to be emulated for his courage to put ideas into writing. He highlighted one aspect of leadership culled from the book, i.e. taking people where they want to be and not knowing how to be, the need to refrain from the temptation of outsourcing solution rather than looking for solutions within. Lastly, he saw Br. Francis as one who chose to go far by going with others. The book was highly recommended for those who were present, those in any form of leadership as a problem-solving tool and the recommendation is also extended to those who were not present to grab a copy of the book. It is indeed a book to have, he concluded.

 The occasion ended with the unveiling of the book, when Br. Verye joyously announced to the audience, “Habemus Librum”, (we have a book), which was happily welcomed with great acclamation of joy in approval by everyone present. Br. Verye offered a copy of the Book to the Community Superior, Br. Mark Anokwuru, who received it graciously. 

Br. Dr. Francis Verye has received education in Cameroon, Nigeria, Kenya, Great Britain and the United States of America.  Francis believes in creating and sharing knowledge. Among his writings which are available in the Marist International University Library are Leadership and Participation in the Management of Scottish Secondary Schools; Creativity and Innovation, Group dynamics; Counseling Skills; Project Management skills; Critical Thinking; leadership and direction; Personal Management, Effective communication skills, a Compendium on Educational Management and Administration.

By: Br. Peter Awoh, fms


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