2019-08-07 AUSTRALIA

Anthony Luke Kavanagh


Time of Death:

To put it simply, Leo was thriving and he was passionate about the aged care needs of the Brothers.  On Thursday of last week he travelled to Mittagong with the other thirty Community Leaders from across the Province for the annual meeting of Leaders.  While he did mention a bit of a stomach upset there was no indication that anything was seriously amiss.  He flew back to Adelaide following the meeting and retired to his room.  When he didn’t reappear after some time, a visit to his room indicated that he had died.  It was all so quick and totally unexpected.
At the time of his death, Leo was 74 years of age and in the 57th year of his religious life.

Family Details:
Date of Birth:   March 11, 1938.
Place of Birth:  Adelaide – South Australia.

Schooling and Initial Formation:

Postulancy: January 2, 1956 – July 1, 1956.
Novitiate:  July 2, 1956 – July 1, 1957.


First Vows: July 2, 1957: At Our Lady of Good Counsel, Deepdene.

Perpetual Vows: January 15, 1963: At Mt Gambier.

Ongoing Education and Formation:

Leo was always attentive to his ongoing formation.  In addition to the Second Novitiate program in 1981 he did studies in Theology and Religious Education.  Some of these were carried out at Dundalk in Ireland.  Then in 1991 he went to Boston to complete a Graduate Certificate in Medical Studies in Gerontology and applied this training and knowledge in caring for the Brothers for the rest of his life.

Community and Ministry Appointments:

Following a six month Scholasticate program in 1957, Leo had a series of teaching appointments, many of them included the additional role of Sportsmaster – he was a keen follower of Aussie Rules.  Then came terms of being named Principal and Superior.  However, since 1993 his area of ministry has been the health needs of Brothers.  He was a caring and compassionate Brother and gave his all to whatever was asked of him.  He was warm hearted, welcoming and attentive.  People delighted in his company.  May he rest in peace.

Br Anthony Robinson – Province Secretary


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