2020-08-22 AUSTRALIA

Daniel McEwen

Br Daniel McEwen FMS - August 2020Daniel Sheridan McEwen was born on 13 June 1948. His sole brother, Andrew, lives in Sydney. Their father, Ronald, an orthopaedic surgeon and mother, Theresa, died when the boys were quite young and they were cared for by an aunt who became their legal Guardian. Both Daniel and Andrew attended St Joseph’s Hunters Hill for their secondary schooling. On completion of the Leaving Certificate Daniel opted for life as a Brother and started his Postulancy at Mittagong in January 1967.

Following First Vows in July 1968 and six months teaching in Gladstone, Daniel commenced his professional studies and graduated with a BA in Linguistics. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Dan lived in a limited number of communities – since the Scholasticate, only five: Kieta on Bougainville for six years, St Joseph’s Hunters Hill for eighteen years, North Sydney for a single year, then Campbelltown for seventeen years and finally Ashgrove since 2015. In each of these he made a significant contribution.

Daniel will always be remembered for his work in two related areas: health care and St John’s Ambulance. His interest in these started early. While at the Scholasticate Br Kieran gave Daniel permission to join the St John’s Ambulance. He also agreed that after completing his degree at Macquarie University, Daniel could study a Certificate in Nursing at Lewisham. In fact, he excelled in this area and topped the state in the course. Thereafter he took these interests wherever he went. At Kieta he established a First Aid Club which developed into a St John’s Cadet division. While there he also founded the Kieta St John’s Ambulance and Rescue Unit and was its director for three years. Returning to Australia he continued his commitment to St John’s Ambulance and was always on the side-lines of Rugby games at St Joseph’s, dressed in uniform, ready to deal with any injuries. He was assisted by the students he’d trained. At St Gregory’s he became active in the Infirmary, and eventually moved full-time into that work as Infirmarian for the day school. Since being appointed to Ashgrove in 2015 he has translated this commitment into the health care of the aged and infirm Brothers in the Andrew Villa. And as Assistant Community Leader he has undertaken many duties to help the Brothers.

Over 45 years Daniel made an extraordinary contribution to St John’s Ambulance. He led cadet units, trained members, wrote programmes, delivered first aid, and was involved in administration and leadership of the Brigade. All of this was voluntary and in addition to his regular duties, but it gave him great satisfaction. And St John’s recognised his contribution; over the years he rose through the ranks – from Serving Brother, to Officer, then Commander and finally being invested as a Knight of the Order of St John.

His work in the health area and St John’s gave him ample opportunities to exercise his desire to be of practical help to others. He was good natured and kind. Even in recent weeks when sick himself he continued to undertake tasks and errands for the community.



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