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Dave McLeish

Time of Death:
In 2000 David moved to Ashgrove after a serious illness and there were a number of health issues over the recent years.  More recently, he was diagnosed with a acute renal failure and dialysis was recommended.  David made the decision that he would rather allow nature to take its course and the appropriate care and support were put in place.  On Tuesday afternoon (October 29) he lapsed into a coma and he died peacefully in the early evening.
At the time of his death, David was 74 years of age and in the 44th year of his religious life.

Family Details:
Date of Birth:  March 20, 1939.
Place of Birth: Fairfield, Sydney NSW, Australia.

Schooling and Initial Formation:

* School Attended: St Patrick’s College [Irish Christian Brothers], Strathfield.
* Postulancy:  January 18, 1970 – March 6, 1970.
* Novitiate: March 7, 1970 – March 5, 1971.


* First Vows: March 6, 1971: At Hunters Hill to Br Othmar Weldon.
* Perpetual Vows:   January 8, 1977: At Hunters Hill to Br Kieran Geaney.
* Stability:   December 22, 1991:  At Ashgrove to Br Kieran Geaney.

Ongoing Education and Formation:
David began his working life in the government Public Service before entering the Brothers.  All through his life he was engaged in studies in areas that he felt he needed to call upon in his changing ministries.  As well as the academic areas of agriculture and geography he did programs in Religious Education; Comparative Theology; a Certificate in Counselling and research into the area of Teacher Stress and its Management.

Community and Ministry Appointments.
David was engaged in school ministry up until his move to Ashgrove and those appointments included terms as Principal and Superior.  He enjoyed the school setting – working with students and engaging with his peers – and he was very caring towards his Brothers, especially those who were in need of extra care and attention because of their health.  He took a keen interest in all that was happening.
It is now time for him to take his rest – may he rest in peace.

Br Anthony Robinson
Province Secretary


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