Francis Peter Amoako Attah

Francis Attah

Born : 26.01.1958
First Profession : 02.07.1987
Final Profession : 11.05.1994
Death : 10.02.2022

Our Heart felt Condolences and prayers to Br. Francis’ family members, home Province Brothers, Lay Marists, and the Community in Palin, young people & others in Cambodia Mission where Br. Francis lived for last 15 years as a Missionary.
We miss you Br. Francis Attah. May you have eternal rest accompanying Br. Mark Poro who had gone ahead of you.

(MDA Brothers and Lay)



Br.Francis Peter Amoako Attah, a journey of life giving.

Life is sacred, beautiful, and fragile!

How sad is to receive the news of someone who passed away. But then, we start to look back on the life of the person, the time expend together, the memories, experiences, the joys… and at the same time this leads us to look into our own life with reflection.

Trust, Love and Hope in the Lord has inspired Francis to be faithful to his vocation, to whisper the Gospel with a joyful Marist style, a welcoming spirit, a spirit of solidarity, of compassion, to go in haste to help those in need. And so, inculturated in Cambodia, he gained the confidence of the people, families, children, youth, authorities, volunteers, donors.

Br.Francis lived out the call to be Brother to those on the margins of the society, became one of the pioneers of the mission Ad Gentes project in Cambodia. He had a dream and with patience, constancy, and confidence the steps were taken; “one plants and the other waters, but is God who makes it grow” (1Cor 3,7). His HOPE was always in God, and thus it became a reality, the Marist Center of Hope!

A life giving journey has much to say in actions, and therefore Br.Francis was able to welcome life experiences with an attitude of gratitude. To recognize what we are, little brothers of Mary, serving with generosity and joy.

We as global family, on earth and in heaven, are grateful to Br.Francis! Thanks, Francis, for being a Brother to the brothers and sisters, for your testimony and services in Cambodia, in the District, as MDA councillor and secretary. You will remain in our memories, and we are going to miss your lovely food, your big smiles, and your positive pro-active spirit.

We express our sympathy and pray for Br.Francis´ family, his home province West Africa, and the province of Mediterranea. Thanks to all of you who supported and prayed for him.

Br.Francis intercede for all of us, as we continue our journey on earth.
Rest in peace Brother Francis Peter Amoako Attah!

Br.Canísio José Willrich
Leader of the Marist District of Asia


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