2020-12-30 CôTE DIVOIRE

Joachim Doua

Bro. Joachim passed away peacefully on 30/12/2020. He was 48 years old and 21 of marist life.

I write to bring you the sad news of the passing on of our dear Brother Joachim Doua, which occurred this afternoon in his village. Yesterday (28th December 2020), he decided to visit home to be with the family to spend the rest of the Christmas festivities with them. About mid-day today the members of his community received a call from the village announcing his demise. Though Br Joachim has suffered a mild stroke for the past year and few months he has however improved very much and has even expressed the desire to go back to the classroom; the brothers convinced him to be in better shape before doing so.

Br. Joachim was born on Saturday 1st January 1972 to Mr. Doua Pierre and madam Monne Helene at Gbangbegouine, a town in western Ivory Coast. He began his Religious formation (Postulancy) in Bouake in 1996; he continued with the Novitiate at Sabin Afrofrom, Ghana and made his temporal profession in 1997. He then proceeded to Nairobi, Kenya where he underwent his scholasticate formation and completed in 2004. Two years later he made his perpetual profession of vows in Korhogo.

During his life as a brother, Joachim worked in many communities in the Marist District of West Africa including Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire, and Liberia. Until his sudden demise, Br. Joachim was living in the community of Bouake and a teacher in Scolaire College Saint Marcellin Champagnat, Bouake. Do remember to pray and offer masses for the repose of his soul.


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