2019-08-07 AUSTRALIA

Lancelot Kenneth Taylor

Time of Death:

For health reasons, Colgan was transferred to the Campbelltown Community two years ago and at that time it was thought the end was close.  He had two happy years and it was only in recent weeks that his body started to give out on him and he needed additional care.  Ten days ago he was confined to bed and had to be assisted with everything.  On Monday, Col went to sleep never to wake again and on Wednesday December 12 at 11.15am he just quietly slipped away.  He is the first Brother from the newly proclaimed Province of Australia to go to his eternal reward. 

At the time of his death, Colgan was 90 years of age and in the 73rd year of his religious life.


Family Details:

Date of Birth: March 18, 1922.
Place of Birth: Sydney. Australia.

Schooling and Initial Formation:

·    School Attended:  Sacred Heart, Mosman.
·   Postulancy:  January 1, 1940 – July 1, 1940.
·   Novitiate:  July 2, 1940 – July 1, 1941.


· First Vows: July 2, 1941: At Mittagong to Br Arcadius Sullivan.
· Perpetual Vows: December 25, 1946: At Kilmore to Br Placidus Redden.
·  Stability:  January 2, 1960: At Dundas Scholasticate to Br Quentin Duffy

Ongoing Education and Formation:

Apart from some initial teacher training, the majority of Colgan’s formation was in the areas of spiritual direction and counselling. He was the author of three books, designed to assist retreatants: Listening When All is Quiet; From the Wilderness to the Western Sea; The Candle Within.

Community and Ministry Appointments:

Colgan had a variety of teaching settings in the early years but he was also appointed the Assistant Master of Novices at Mittagong for six years and for a year in Fribourg, Switzerland. Then he spent many years as a Spiritual Director at various Retreat Houses in Australia and two years at the Pacific Novitiate in Lomeri (Fiji). His was a quiet, attentive presence and he delighted in community gatherings. May he rest in peace.


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