2019-08-07 MALAYSIA

Michael Lim Hiow Choo

Rev. Brother Provincial of the Marist Brothers and the community of Marist Brothers Sector House Community, Petaling Jaya deeply regret to inform you of the death of Brother Michael Lim Hiow Choo, FMS who died on 9th July, 2017 in the 79th year of his age and the 55th year of his religious profession.

Brother Michael Lim Hiow Choo was born in Melaka on 27/09/ 1938. He entered our Juniorate in Singapore in 1953. He was sent to USA for his novitiate training in 1961and made his first profession on 15/08/1962. On 15/08/1967 he made his perpetual profession. He attended the Spirituality Course in 1977 at Champagnat Centre in General House at Rome. He followed a sabbatical course at Hawkstone Hall, UK.in 2002.

He completed his secondary school study at Catholic High School, Singapore. He did his tertiary education in Marist College (1962-1965) in USA. After graduation he was sent to teach in Catholic High School, Petaling Jaya and was appointed as Assistant Master of Juniors. In 1967 he became the Master of the Juniors and taught in the same school. Then in 1971 he was appointed as Headmaster of Catholic Primary School, Melaka (1971-1973). In 1974 He was sent to study for a Diploma in Education in University Malaya. After that he taught in Catholic High School, Melaka and later was appointed as Principal of that school (1974-1981) with a 6-month break in 1977 to attend the Spirituality Course at Rome. Then in 1982 he was appointed the Master of Juniors again and continued to teach in CHSPJ. His term as Master of Juniors ended in 1988 but he extended his teaching ministry for another 6 months. From 1989 onward he dedicated himself in pastoral ministry in local churches. He served in the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur (1989-1994) and Diocese of Melaka-Johor (1995-2001). He continued this ministry in the Parish of St. Theresa, Melaka from 2003 until his retirement in 2010.

In 2010 he retired at Marist Brothers Sector House community, Petaling Jaya and on March that year he was sent to St. Francis Xavier’s Home under the care of the Little Sisters of the Poor until our Good Lord called him on 9 July, 2017

He was a strict disciplinarian as a Principal but in spite of that many students remember him and like him. As a pastoral worker he has touched many lives through his seminar and preaching.


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