2019-08-07 NEW ZEALAND

William Lawson

The Brothers regret to announce the death of Brother William Lawson, fms

Family Name: Brian William Lawson
Born on 4th September 1942 at Auckland
His Father Harry Lawson
His Mother Olga (nee Sakey)

Received into the Congregation: 21st November 1960
Professed First Vows: 21st November 1961
Professed Perpetual Vows: 2nd January 1967

Died on 20th June 2017 at Auckland, New Zealand
Buried at Waikaraka, Auckland on 23rd June 2017

His Appointments:

1962, St Bernard’s, Lower Hutt
1965, Xavier College, Christchurch
1973, Marcellin College, Auckland
1976, Tuakau
1994, Mt Albert Road (Marcellin Hall)
1998, “La Valla”, McIlroy Ave, Auckland
1999, “La Valla”, 18 Budock Road
2002, 56 Onslow Ave, Epsom
2006, 52 Onslow Ave
2009, SHC, 48 Crossfield Road, Auckland
2013 Mary McKillop Care, Auckland


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