2014 Champagnat Marist Postulants – Mtendere

You may be strongly interested in  knowing once more our postulants. Those in the front row squatting and one standing:


From your left you see, Mr.Mugove  V. Chibengwa (Zimbabwe),  Golden Tati(Zambia),  Antonio  M. Armando(Mozambique),  Joseph Lazarus(Malawi), the one in a jacket standing is Benson S. Chaula(Malawi).

In the middle line squatting from your left you see Patrick Rodrick(Malawi),  Rufino Paulo (Mozamabique).

The back line standing from your left you see,  Lazarus Jailosi (Malawi),  Blessed K. Vambe(Zimbabwe), Augustine Mateyu (Malawi), Geronimo Raimond(Mozambque), Jimmy M. Soko(Malawi),  Oscar E. Kapito and the last one is Aubrey Chimangeni (Malawi). At the background you have a good view of natural trees and palms, and a glimpse of one side of the chapel. It was taken just before the Malawian postulants went home for filling their passport application documents. 

 In this month we were privileged to have a provincial canonical visit. He had time to chat with Brothers Patrick Bwana and Simeon Banda, minus Mphatso Majala and Jamal who were not with us in the community.  Then he had time to chat with each postulant individually. We ended with a colourful social evening with a variety of food stuff, music, dancing and farewell speeches. He honoured us with a variety of spiritual books and two big English dictionaries which we pledged to make a good use of them. These days we are  doing  May Marial devotion. A son of Mary,  Br. Patrick  Bwana, 94,  initiated  the first two days and now postulants are leading us in turns every day after consulting him on Biblical Marial themes  of each day.

And shortly we will be joining  the whole institute in the novena prayers to our Founder and are already in preparations for the Founder’s Day celebrations with children and parents of the Brothers, novices and postulants. United in prayers.

Simeon Banda, fms


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