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Rainbow Annual Activity Report | 2019_2020

Rainbow Annual Activity Report | 2019_2020

Dear, Rev. Brothers, Benefactors, Sisters & Friends… Greetings from Operation Rainbow – Care and Support with Hope and Vision. We are in the consequences of the deadly disease of Corona virus (COVID-19) which swept in through our countries causing a panic among people and killing thousands of people in a short period of time. The result is extraordinary lockdown in most of our countries. Everything has come to an end with hope for the future. This current situation cannot stop us from hoping and visioning for a new life, new sunshine and a new rainbow!

Thanks to all those who put their own lives at risk in fighting against the spread of Corona virus and trying to save the life of everyone affected by it.

While we continue to live and cope with the loss and pains caused by COVID-19, I would like to present this annual activity report of Operation Rainbow for the year 2019-2020. It brings you the highlights of various activities carried out monthly and on regular basis. The academic achievements of our children and their ability to find a job with good salary are really a credit to Operation Rainbow.

I gratefully acknowledge the contributions of so many people working tirelessly behind the scene: The Australian Marist Solidarity which funds the overall project costs, the Sacred Heart College, Adelaide,  St. Patrick’s Catholic College, Dundas, and other Marist colleges in Australia. The India Village Project, Scotland and FMSI, Rome deserve a special mention for their valuable support in different areas whenever we approach them.

The creativity and thrill brought by the students placed for an internship at the Rainbow Project and the resource persons during monthly gatherings motivate the children to approach life with hope and optimism.

Finally, I thank Marcellin Club members and the Rainbow staff and all the Marists whose hard work and dedication deserves a round of applause!

Let us continue to pray for one another to overcome all challenges with hope!!


Rev. Bro. Saul Placious, FMS
Rainbow Director


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