A Champagnat Marist Prayer Resource for Advent (District of the Pacific)

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class=imgshadowHow to this resource could be used:
The Advent prayer resource is designed to assist in focusing our community prayer on the Gospel reading of the day as we journey through Advent.   The resource is flexible and could be used on its own or as part of another form of community prayer.

The Solidarity resource Daily Reflections for Advent 2014: Children’s Right to Participation is also available for your reflection.

A suggested process:
As part of the community prayer:

  • Read the Gospel of the day. 
  • Then allow several minutes of silent reflection.
  • Then invite the participants to share any reflection they may have on the Gospel and/or the Champagnat Marist reading.

Preparation for Community Prayer:
As part of the preparation for community prayer:

  • Read the Gospel for the day,
  • Read a Scripture commentary.  An online commentary from the Society of Jesus in Ireland is available at http://livingspace.sacredspace.ie
  • Make a short note of what emerged for you from the reading.

Why was the resource developed?
The recent General Chapters have all urged us, as part of the ongoing process of centering our lives on Jesus Christ, to deepen our personal and community prayer. One way to assist this is to develop a style of community prayer based on the Gospel.

Brothers Today (District of Pacific) has developed this resource based on the theme, prayers and intercessions which were developed by the participants in the annual retreat.


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