2021-10-20 AUSTRALIA

Christ Life – Marist Association of St. marcellin Champagnat – 109

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Plenary Council – What Now?

This month’s Editorial is written by Br David Hall, Association Councillor. Br David was recently a group facilitator for the Plenary Council. He notes, ‘The Plenary Council Assembly was as much about listening as it was about speaking’, but that the listening had a particular quality.


Opportunities for Marists

‘I couldn’t help but wonder if this isn’t the area where we Marists have something special to offer,’ says Br Peter Carroll, referring to the forecast significance of formation for the Church.


Launch of Champagnat Global

Dr Frank Malloy announces the launch of the Global Marist Network of Schools, an exiting international initiative of the Marist Institute. You are invited to participate in the online sessions.


Pearls of Wisdom

St Angela of Foligno says, ‘And in everything that I saw, I could perceive nothing except the presence of the power of God.‘ Ponder this latest Pearl of Wisdom from Br Robert O’Connor.


The Breath of the Almighty

Elizabeth Falconer, from the Mission & Life Formation Team, reflects on the ‘phenomenon of breathing’ and takes us through a personal experience of parting with a loved one.


Support our GoFundMe Campaign

The Association recently launched a GoFundMe campaign seeking financial support for four young asylum seekers & refugees as they navigate their final year of University in 2022


Marist Education: How is it done?

Br Michael Green considers how importantly the early Marists valued effectiveness in their teaching methods, and reflects on descriptions of the distinctive style of Marist educators.


Meet a Marist

Danniella Larman-Yalda is our MAM this month. Danniella is a House Leader and English teacher at Assumption College Kilmore and enjoys being outdoors and walks with her dog Paddington.


Gold! In the Dawning Sun

Marist Association Member Terry Lees, from Mt Isa, Queensland, has contributed an article to the Catholic Leader this month, and shares it with us here in Christlife.


Oceania Marist in ‘Sharing’

Carole Wark presents the latest edition of ‘Sharing’ – the newsletter from the Forum on the Lay Marist Vocation – which features profiles and reflections from Marists in Oceania.


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