2020-09-29 INDIA

COVID-19 & Operation Rainbow

Marcellin Trust – Operation Rainbow

News Letter – April to September – 2020: COVID-19 & Operation Rainbow

Dear Marists, Friends and Benefactors,
We are very happy to reach you once again with latest updates and heart-touching stories through our ‘Rainbow Care’ news bulletin.
The overwhelming situation of COVID-19 pandemic has brought our day-to-day life to a standstill. Peo-ple continue to suffer without regular jobs, sufficient income and proper healthcare. The pandemic has completely shattered the hopes and dreams of everyone, particularly people living on the margins. Our lifestyle has undergone a drastic change and our hopes for the future are blurred. We feel like living in another planet with people wearing mask on their face all the time and maintaining social distance within the family and outside and feeling uncomfortable and fearful in social gatherings. However, we are grateful for the lessons we have learnt from all these.
Appreciation and thanks to all the frontline workers and those working on vaccine for Covid-19. Though the situation is prevailing and threatening the activities of the Rainbow such as family visits, community support, counseling, hospital visits are being carried out with necessary safety measures. Thus Rainbow is able to help people build their hope and capacity to face the challenges of everyday life and let go the fear about the future.
Sincere thanks to Australian Marist Solidarity and all the benefactors and well-wishers for your invalu-able support and generosity.
I am sure that you will enjoy reading this pictorial newsletter and appreciate the service of Rainbow and the commitment of our staff on the field!
Stay safe, Stay connected!! Let’s continue to share our stories as we walk side by side.
Rev. Bro. Saul fms
Director (Rainbow)

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