Letter of Br. Patrick McNamara, Provincial of United States

Dear Brothers and Lay Marists,

I'm sure some of you have read the news that I was in Brazil for a CIAP meeting for two weeks, and you wondered, "What is he doing in Brazil?". Great question! Hope you were asking and hope you'll read the attached Message from the Conference of Inter-American Provinces to learn what we, the Provincials from the American Continent, want to say to you. (The original text is in Spanish. If you would like a copy please contact me.)

Not only did all 13 American Provincials meet for 6 days, along with representatives from the General Council, but the six Arco Norte Provincials, from Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America, and Norandina, met for 2 days in Regional Council to review present and future collaboration and partnership.

By the end of October 2015, Br. Emili has asked each province to send the names of any Brothers or Lay Marists who would like to volunteer to be a member of an INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. Remember, you received an invitation from Br. Emili last year to join in the 'Dance of Ministry' and the creation of new International Communities in all the regions of the Institute.

Would you or would one of your colleagues be interested in volunteering? Do you feel that you can respond to God's call and the guidelines of the General Conference described in the 3rd CIAP Message for this special Marist life, presence, and mission?

If you do, or if you want to explore the possibility, please contact me at the Province Office during the month of October. Members will be selected in early 2016 and undergo formation and training before placement as early as Fall, 2016. Community and Ministry Placement will be done through Br. Emili and the General Administration. There will be several new International Communities throughout the regions of the Institute.

Again, please use the MESSAGE during your prayer and community discussions during the month of October. Thanks again for your prayers and support for me and the Province leadership.

In the hearts of Mary and Champagnat,



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