Marist Brothers / Irmãos Maristas – Prov. África Austral / Southern Africa


Dear Brothers and friends,
The last time I was in Champagnat Country it was almost spring time. The air was still a bit crisp and fresh. It was a wonderful time. I walked up and down the hills and enjoyed the beautiful sights. I have always had an interest in flowers and plants and often stopped to admire the smallest flower growing at times in the crevices between the rocks. I am amazed at how many of the flowers I knew in their cultivated state. To see them in their wild or natural state – what a treat! I was pleased to see some of my favourite flowers growing in the wild in the area. There were foxgloves, wild anemones, wild sweet peas, alyssum and others. I looked out to see if I could see the violet in the mountains or in the fields but nothing. I think they grow and flower in the heart of spring.

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