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Marist District of West Africa—News Bulletin N. 56 – 20th May 2020

Marist District of West Africa—News Bulletin N. 56 – 20th May 2020

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In this issue

  •  District Superior’s Message
     The Intergration of our Community and Apostolif Life.
     Baring the cove for COVID-19 in MIC: A Way of Rediscovering Fraternity.
     The Novitiate and the outbreak the Covid-19 Pandemic.
     Champagnat Community of Monrovia during the Coronavirus Break.
     Postulancy Community during the Covid-19 Pandemic.
     Community Life and Mission during the Coronavirus pandemic.
     Ashalaja Community Experience during the Lockdown.
     Marist Community—Buokrom, Keeping the Faith.
     Supporting one another during the Covid-19—Koumra Community.
     Spritual & Fraternal renewal in Korhogo during the Covid-19 confinment.
     The state of Marist Odeneho Kwadaso during Covid-19.
     Tatum Community life during the Coronavirus crisis.
     Community Life during Covid—19, Champville – Lebanon.
     ‘It shall come to pass’. Pou-long Community braving Covid-19.
     Yassa Community during this period of quarantine.
     Bouaké Community during the Covid -19. Rediscovring our brotherhood and talents
     Our Marist Way of educating during COVID-19
     Engineering the Future of Marist Education in the Marist District of West Africa!
     Towards a Self-reliant Community.
     Schools resume despite Covid-
  •  Random Photos of Interest.

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