Marist Young Adult Program

class=img_rightOn this day almost two hundred years ago, Marcellin Champagnat met a dying young man ignorant of his faith and he could no longer keep calm. Marcellin knew that he had to found a congregation to evangelize the young, especially the most neglected.

In that spirit, the Marist Young Adult Program is pleased to announce its new campaign, "I Can't Keep Calm, I'm Marist," to promote the Montagne Year and to raise funds for Educate for Change. The slogan, through the use of posters and stickers, will be used to tell the Montagne story, the reason that Marcellin Champagnat could no longer keep calm, and to challenge others to respond to those events which disturb them. Later in the year, products bearing the slogan will be sold to benefit Educate for Change. All products will be in blue, to be in solidarity with the "Marist Blues" ministering in Syria.

Educate for Change is a non-profit organization begun by Kristine Sullivan, a graduate of Our Lady of Lourdes High School in Poughkeepsie, NY and a past participant in the Marist Young Adult Program. Educate for Change offers educational opportunities to impoverished secondary school students in Gulu, Uganda. For more information about Educate for Change, or to donate to the organization please visit http://educateforchange.us/.

The Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee can't keep calm about their new mobile app., either. Apple users can find the app. by typing "Marist Young Adult App" in the App. Store search. Android users can find the app. by searching for "Marist Young Adult Program App." in the Google Play Store. The app. gives one access to blogs, videos, daily scripture and a prayer for each day and provides links to Marist sites and social media. It is just not for young adults!

Best wishes for a great beginning to the Montagne Year.


Luis Ramos
Chair, Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee

Bro. Steve Milan, FMS
Director, Marist Young Adult Ministry


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