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                                                                                                 November 2013




Hello Fellow Marists!


In October midterms were upon us, and we looked forward to the Thanksgiving break.  We've made it! This short time of rest and reflection will re-charge us to face the final class sessions, the final month, and then FINALS WEEK.  The end always seems so daunting, but there is comfort in knowing that we are completing another semester.  There is also comfort in family and community.


A focus of my semester has been my coursework in sociology. There we explore the nature of social interaction, including communication.  As we gather together this Thanksgiving, let us recall the wisdom of Proverbs 12:18 which says, "There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing."


How we speak can affect our relationships and our community. We can speak in an inviting way, a comforting way, or even in a divisive and exclusive way.  So often we get consumed by the sheer amount of people we meet and greet that we overlook individuals.


I encourage each one of you to take a look at the groups you belong to (classes, church, clubs, family, friends, etc.).  How do you speak within those groups?  Is everyone included?  Let us reach out to one another, not forgetting anyone because of distance or time.  Communicate with your community, share of yourself, grow and give thanks for EACH community member.


Be blessed during this home stretch and keep living Marist!  Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


Luis Ramos

Chair, Marist Young Adults Advisory Committee









Advent begins on December 1st.  In addition to the Marist Young Adult Program online retreat, there are many other resources available to help you to prepare for the coming of Christ.


The website for the United States Catholic Conference of Bishops offers a variety of prayers, a daily Advent calendar, an audio retreat and information on Advent symbols. To visit the website, click on the image above.


The online young adult magazine, Busted Halo, offers a unique Advent calendar with reflections from some unlikely sources, a challenge to action and even an opportunity to win a prize.  Click on the calendar below to learn more.






 Do you have a week. a weekend, a month or more and would like to volunteer in Esopus?  If so, contact Matt Fallon at mfallon03@gmail.com

for more information. 




Take a moment during this year of Marist vocations to find out more about the vocation of a  Marist Brother.  Simply click on the icon above. 

  Upcoming Events
Dec. 1 – Online Advent Retreat – Week 1
Dec. 8 – Online Advent Retreat – Week 2
Dec. 15 – Online Advent Retreat – Week 3
Dec. 21 – Advent Day of Reflection – Esopus, NY
Dec. 22 – Online Advent Retreat – Week 4
Jan. 10-12 – MYAAC Winter Meeting – Esopus
Jan. 22 – College 201 – Online Chat
Jan. 30-Feb. 2 – Marist Youth Encounter Christ
Regional gatherings will also be scheduled during the semester break. 
Service Opportunities
Dec.  4-5 – Mt. St. Michael Sophomore Retreat
Dec . 11-13 – Notre Dame Academy Senior Retreat
Dec. 15-16 – St. Joseph Regional Sophomore Retreat
Look for other service opportunities on Facebook.


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MYAs at Taize Prayer

Marist Young Adults throughout the country participated in a Day of Fasting on November 17th to raise awareness about hunger…Young Adults in the New York and New Jersey area joined other members of the Marist family for dinner and Taize prayer at Marist High School in Bayonne…Work is underway for the upcoming Online Advent Retreat. Reflections will be offered by program members Danny Chomat, Ashley Johnson,  and Luis Ramos. The final reflection will be given by

Archbishop Molloy students viewing a video about Jamaica

Daniela Jelic, a religion teacher at Archbishop Molloy High School…Opal Vadhan shared her service experience in Jamaica with students at Archbishop Molloy High School.  To view the video on Opal's experience, click here. And look for more information coming soon on how you can help our Marist mission in Jamaica.

Have you taken the Marist Monday Challenge yet?  This weekly Facebook post is just one way to connect to your Marist family online.  Check out the new blog posts from Luis Ramos, Catherine Weening, Danny Chomat and Ellen Salmi.  Receive daily prayers from the mobile app. And follow the Marist Young Adult Program on twitter.



Marist Young Adult Advent Retreat 2013 – Week 1





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