Marists at the Royal Easter Show

The Show has well and truly kicked off with a bevy of activities and exhibits for patrons. This year Marist Farm delayed showing steers as we are aiming for the more commercial show at Tamworth this August. However, Red Bend Catholic College won Reserve Champion steer (a Limousin) and one of the other steers they prepared won a bronze medal in the carcass competition. That steer just happened to be bought at the RAS steer sale by Br Anthony Robertson of Marist Brothers Cattle and the meat will be used at The Hermitage for a variety of events. Funnily enough this grain fed beef matches perfectly with the Marist 2013 Cabernet Merlot! More details to come.

While at the show Anthony also networked with many a farmer and agent to discover that 75% of them were taught by Marists – Red Bend, Joeys and St. Greg's being the forerunners. lt was a proud moment for us as Brothers as l heard many a story of great affection for schools and Brothers alike. l also bought a stud heifer at the show to add to our La Valla Limousin Herd, bought in partnership with Dr Joey Rheinburger (see pic below). This animal will be used for some veterinary programs we hope to run at The Hermitage as well as being used for shows and general agriculture education for school kids. Joey has run our embryo transfer program here with great success, so we are very excited about this new cattle partnership.

When the heifer was bought in the auctioneer read 'La Valla Limousin Stud' as the buyer but on further reading our address he then looked at me in the crowd and said "That's the bloody Marist Brothers! You fellas are the reason l'm here – you raised me." An old boy of SJC l discovered with his co attendant also exclaiming from the microphone "Me too". He went to St. Gregory's. lt was hard to buy a beer that night at The Cattleman's Bar. So Brothers let's keep our heads held high. When you think it's really bad, l've learned from the Show – we are very much loved and respected in the agriculture/farming environment. Happy Easter from all of us here at The Hermitage.

ln the picture Br Anthony and Dr Joey Rheinburger with La Valla Crystal our newest heifer



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