New house for the community in Mindelheim

Ever since the brothers first established themselves in Mindelheim in 1926 they lived with the staff and students in the building which housed both the school and the boarding school (Internat). The building was originally intended as a retirement home, but during construction it was taken over and converted by the brothers. For decades it served as a school, boarding school, juniorate and community house.

In 1961 the school and boarding school were separated and moved into their own buildings. The brothers continued to live in the boarding school, and some in the school building. Gradually the wish to live in a separate house as a community grew stronger. This was realized recently, on the 15th July, when, after some conversion work, the brothers moved into the house beside the boarding school. The personal possessions were easy to transfer. Getting used to the new living conditions, however, was a bit more difficult for the four brothers who form the community. In the house there is room for a new kitchen, there are lounge areas, three guest rooms and a small chapel.


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Brothers Heinrich, Josef, Michael and Gaudentius

On the 2nd December there was a modest celebration. The Provincial, Brother Brendan Geary, was present, along with some guests of honour, and friends from Mindelheim. The Blessed Sacrament was installed in the chapel as part of the inauguration of the new community house.

On the 10th December Father Wilhelm Tangen, a Marist Father from Passau, celebrated the first Eucharist in the new house. The decoration of the prayer room will be completed in the weeks ahead. We want to let everyone know that, as before, guests are very welcome.

Brother Heinrich Schamberger




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