Province of South Asia

Monday the 15th of August was a very enjoyable and relaxing day for all the Brothers of the Province of South Asia. After a week’s retreat at Lewella, Kandy, it was quite fitting that the Brothers were able to gather together by the river at the very end of the Ambepussa Army Camp. Guided by an army officer the Brothers reached the spot by 10.00 a.m. They were warmly welcomed with a soft drink and one by one they could be seen getting into the river for a dip. Soon a good number of brothers were enjoying bathing and having a playful time in the river. Some of the elderly brothers kept on chatting and singing with younger ones while sipping cool drinks. Those who remained swimming in the river were having a lot of fun together. A few brothers went around clicking their digital cameras and gathering souvenirs of their trip. Everyone was very relaxed and happy.

The Camp’s officers had arranged everything for the brothers’ maximum enjoyment. Drinks were passed around and a grand lunch was served.

By 3.00 p.m. it was time for us to leave. Just before we did, we were served a piece of cake and a warm cup of coffee.

 After thanking the officers for their grand hospitality our journey back commenced.


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