2022-09-08 NEW ZEALAND

STAR Messenger 01

Star of the Sea


In three months’ time, to the day, Superior General, Br Ernesto Sanchez, will inaugurate the newest Province in the Institute, the Star of the Sea.

However, there is still much for us to learn about one another. Not only is the Star of the Sea the newest Province in the Institute, it’s also geographically the largest. It will cover 11 separate nations. Many of us know much about one or two of these countries, some of us know a fair amount about a number of them, but I doubt many know about all of them.

Initially in the Star Messenger we’ll focus on one country per week leading up to 8 December.

This week is New Caledonia. Brothers Jean Paul Delesalle and Georges Benigaud comprise the Brothers community. They are both French born Brothers who have spent decades in New Caledonia.

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