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November 2014
Dear Fellow Marists,
I hope and pray that you are all well. Advent is upon us, and so is the end of classes. We wait patiently to celebrate Christ's entrance into our world, and also for the rest and change of pace that will come with winter break. 


Change is all around us everyday. In my hometown of New York City, the speed limit signs have changed. The speed limit that was once 30 mph has now been changed to 25 mph, and the change is not welcomed by many. The chill in the air and the snow advisories are also signs that winter is on its way. Furthermore, my professors are asking students to evaluate courses and to prepare for final exams – signs that the semester is almost over!


All of these outward signs point toward something more. Some point to rules, others to instructions, and some point to temporal changes. What signs do the followers of Christ have in the Church and the Christian world at large? The Sacraments! As St. Augustine defined them, the sacraments are "outward signs of inward grace".


We can read the signs of the sacraments in our own lives as a signal that God wants to relate to us, and have us relate back to God. It is an offer of friendship, salvation, and love. That is the definition of grace, which is divine and offered to us.


How do we read the signs all around us? How do we respond to the world around us? As current events in society show us, there is a lot of work humankind must do in relating to one another with peace and love.


Pay attention to the signs in your life and the signs all around you!  Oftentimes the reactions you have to your daily life circumstances affect the outcomes.


How can you change the way you relate to the world and others?  Challenge yourself this Advent season to approach the world around you with peace and love. 


God bless you all, and keep living Marist!






Luis Ramos

Chair, Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee


Dec. 7 – Online Advent Retreat – Week 2
Dec. 14 – Online Advent Retreat – Week 3
              Taize Prayer – Archbishop Molloy High School
Dec. 21 – Online Advent Retreat – Week 4
Jan. 8-9 – MYAAC Winter Meeting – Esopus, NY
Jan. 10-11 – Day of Reflection – Esopus, NY
Jan. 14 – Texas Regional Event
Jan. 21 – College 201: College Transitions Chat
Jan. 28-Feb. 1 – Retreat within a Retreat
Jan. 31 – Retreat outside a Retreat


Enjoying some quiet reflection during the hiking retreat.


Marist Young Adults joined students from Marist College for a hiking retreat through the Bear Creek Preserve in Esopus, NY.  During the retreat the participants reflected on the mountain, the river and the valley as metaphors for their lives…Throughout the month of November, MYAs from around the country were able to post pictures of their deceased loved ones or stop by and pray for others through the "Remembrance Page" on Facebook…Free "I Can't Keep Calm" stickers were distributed throughout the month.  MYAs were encouraged to place their stickers on or near something for which they have passion and to share these images through social media.  The most creative post will receive a $100 Amazon gift card…"I Can't Keep Calm" posters were sent to each school and stickers were distributed to the participants at the adult evangelization program, Sharing Our Call…The new YAP

Contest Entry

app has been downloaded on all  five continents with a Marist presence…Marist Young Adults and their families and friends participated in a day of fasting prior to Thanksgiving in order to raise awareness about hunger…Mary Kate Luzzo introduced the Marist Young Adult Program to the Marist High School (Chicago) Class of 2014 at their yearbook distribution…Marist Monday Challenges continue.  In November, MYA's were challenged to be more compassionate and thankful, to respect creation, and to grow as saints…The Marist Young Adult Advisory Committee has been working with the staff at Erbach Communications

Marist Young Adult Advent Online Retreat 2014 – Week 1 (Click on the image above to view video.)

on a new look for the program's website…Kevin Macalos has joined the team of MYA bloggers.  Kevin will be sharing his reflections on his first year in college….The annual MYA Online Advent Retreat  began on November 30th.  The first reflection was offered by Miriam Eisenmenger, Director of School Counseling at Marist High School in Bayonne, NJ.

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Busted Halo is once again offering its Advent Surprise Calendar and Advent themed articles and videos.  New this year is an InstaAdvent Photo Challenge.  

The MYA Program will also be sharing an Advent Calendar created by DYM through all of its social media platforms.

Looking to do some Christmas shopping? A young photographer named Austin Pena has pledged to donate proceeds from the sale of designated prints to Educate for Change, the group adopted by the MYA Program for the year.  You can also use AmazonSmile for shopping on Amazon and a 0.5% of your eligible purchases will be donated to Educate for Change, as well.




Esopus Service Dates




Do have time to provide some service in Esopus?   Here are dates when help is needed:


Dec. 7-8

Dec. 10-12


Jan 8-11


To volunteer for these dates or to get more information about longer service commitments, contact Matt Fallon at






The Marist Brothers



This month the Church began its celebration of the Year of Consecrated Life.  To find out more about the consecrated life lived by the Marist Brothers click on the image above.  To check out the Marist Brothers new website. click on the image below.



The Marist Young Adult Program invites interested young adults to explore further their Christian faith. Through spiritual, social and service activities, both online and in person, young adults can experience an alive and vibrant faith rooted in the Marist tradition.    
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