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Desmond Phillips

Born: Melbourne, April 16, 1923
Entered Novitiate: 1943
Community: Ashgrove

Ongoing Education and Formation:
Following his profession, Des began his ministry as a primary school teacher at Broken Hill, and for 27 of the next 33 years he continued his involvement in that sector – including four appointments as Principal.  Then began a 32 year ministry in the handicapped apostolate with his close association with the Little King Movement and the State Special Schools for Disability.  His Ongoing Education was made up of the Second Novitiate at Fribourg in 1966 and personal renewal at St Beuno’s in Wales in 1990.

Community and Ministry Appointments:
Des gave his all in whatever he was asked to do.  He was a deeply spiritual man and much loved by all who knew him.  In addition to the overview above, he was for six years the Director of the Boys Home at Westmead, and this along with his work at Little King emphasises his passion and care for people who were disadvantaged or living with a disability.  Most notably he ran three world pilgrimages for 40 disabled people and their carers.   An amazing man, may he rest in peace.

Born in Melbourne, my family moved to Brisbane in 1935, where I attended Marist Rosalie. I entered the Juniorate in 1939 and took first vows in July 1944. I have taught in Marist Schools in Queensland, Canberra, PNG and the Solomon Islands. I was Director at Westmead Boys Home and other schools. I have undertaken renewal courses at Fribourg and St. Buenos in Wales. For the last 32 years I have been closely involved in the Little Kings Movement and State Special Schools for disability. I lived at LKM at Buranda until 2010 when I retired to Ashgrove. I helped plan and run three world pilgrimages (1980, 1985 and 1988) for 40 disabled people and their carers. I continue to follow my interests in the disabled, sport, world events and spiritual direction.
Written by Des for our booklet from the Brothers’ Gathering 2012

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