Marcellin Champagnat, a Marist Priest, dreamed of a worldwide community devoted to making Jesus Christ known and loved among children and young people, especially the least favored. Today, an international community of brothers and laypeople continues its dream.


When seeing children and young people without schooling and knowledge of their faith, Marcellin would say, “We need brothers!” Then, on January 2, 1817 he set in motion his plan for the Congregation of “the little brothers of Mary” with two young recruits, in La Valla, France.


As Marist of Champagnat, we are committed to the Global Compact on Education promoted and launched by Pope Francis to facilitate a renewed commitment to the education of children and young people in the formal classroom setting and in the family and the community.

Marist Mission

Disciples of Marcellin Champagnat, Brothers and Laypeople, together in mission, in the Church and in the world, among the young, especially the most neglected, we are sowers of the Good News, with a distinctive Marist style, in schools and in other pastoral and social ministries. We face the future with audacity and hope.