Child Protection in the Marist Institute

In recent years the promotion of and advocacy for child rights has been a priority of the mission of the Institute. The calls of both the 21st and 22nd General Chapters include advocating for and promoting Child Rights. The two International Mission Assemblies supported this prominence placed on Child Rights and called for our ministries to be places based on the principals of these rights. This has meant a developing understand of child rights and how to advocate for them. It also means that in our ministries we have attempted to ensure that the rights of children are respected and promoted and protected.

In addition, FMSI has been granted Social Status before the United Nations in Geneva so that the Institution can advocate for Child Right through participating in the Universal Periodic Review.

Safeguarding Children and young people is an important part of respecting the rights of children. The General Administration has conducted two seminars on this area for leaders of the entire Institute: keeping children safe (2012) and Creating a safe environment for children (2016) and in 2021 has provide a Manual for the Administratives Unites about the Child Safeguarding Standards and Protocols.

Abuse is the very antithesis of our Marist values

Another important step was the statement to survivors and victims of abuse from the 22nd General Chapter in 2017, ÔÇťAbuse is the very antithesis of our Marist values, and undermines the very purpose of our Institute. Any abuse of children is a betrayal of the noble ideals of our founder, St Marcellin Champagnat.ÔÇŁ

The Institute continues this commitment to child rights and works to ensure that in all our ministries worldwide the rights of children are respected and promoted.