2020-10-26 BELGIUM

Being Marist 07 – West Central Europe

Being MaristHere you can read the recent edition of Being Marist with you.

What a privilege to be asked to welcome you to this October 2020 edition of Being Marist. A few minutes of true presence with each other, while we read about so many positive events happening in our province.

One of those being, the news that Br PJ is home and thankfully recovering well after a few very difficult months health-wise. We wish him only the best in his continued recovery. What a crazy few months it’s been across all our worlds in other ways. Today the norm for us all, has become about intentionally placing, distance, screens, and masks between each other for safety. It’s logical to doubt how ‘present’ we can really be together amongst this. Amazingly though, many of our realities are showing that our Marist values have come alive, even more because of these circumstances. Across the province, people are going above and beyond to provide services to young people; are going the extra mile, to ensure the environment is comfortable for those who need it; and are making so many unspoken personal sacrifices while doing it. All of this with an amazing sense of Marist Solidarity for each and every person around. It is so inspiring to see this love and dedication for Marist mission.

As we travel together as a Marist family in the coming months, I urge you to reach out to each other, to stay connected, and to continue to prioritise your personal wellbeing and that of those around you. Regardless of the restricting physical safety barriers, it is clear there is a strength and depth to the Marist bond in our province that we can be very proud of. So, sit back and enjoy reading about just some of those moments in our beautiful province of West Central Europe.

Aisling Demaison – Secretary of the Mission Council


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