2011-12-06 SPAIN

An experience of formation and vitality

Faithful to the foundation charism and the calls of the XXI General Chapter, the members of the group taking part in the 87th session of the UMBRALES course found themselves in the beautiful region of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, near Mount Abantos, and not far from the illustrious and noble city of Madrid. The course is an experience of formation and vitality, an opportunity for taking a new step towards personal   realisation, quality of life and interior growth, which encourages a new way of being Brother.

It commenced on the evening of 20 October, at the main door of the house, with words of brotherly welcome from the Brothers of the Community of the Marist Spirituality   Centre. Then, in the hall inside the house, the course was officially opened by a celebration of praise and thanksgiving, which continued with an aperitif and festive meal in the dining room.

The group is composed of  13 Brothers from  different regions of the Marist world: Romero Rodrigues Ferreira (Brasil Centro-Norte), Adilson Suhr (Brasil Centro-Sul), Eladio Gallego Neira (Hermitage), Lorenzo Peñasco Cervigón (Ibérica), Georges Trad (Mediterránea), Primitivo Blanco Martínez (Compostela), Gregorio Alonso García (Compostela), Gerardo Contreras Moz (América Central), Humberto Alejandro C. Bravo (Santa María de los Andes), Barsen García Alonso (Santa María de los Andes), Armando Alegría Moscoso (Santa María de los Andes), Sergio Vásquez Mora (México Occidental), Noé Sotelo Villalobos (México Occidental), Joaci Pinheiro (Brasil Centro-Norte/Co-ordination), Angel Medina (Cruz del Sur/Co-ordination and Fr Mario, Augustinian, chaplain. The total ages of the 15 Brothers come to 905 years, which gives a medium age of 60.32.

Apart from the subject matter presented for study, reflection and prayer, the UMBRALES session also offers a pilgrimage to the places of our Marist origins (L’Hermitage), passing through Geneva (FMSI) and Taizé (ecumenical spirituality).


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