2016-01-20 MEXICO

Brother Basilio Rueda on his way to Sainthood

The first phase of a Brother Basilio’s cause for canonization finished on Jan. 13 with a celebration held at the Marist University of Guadalajara.

The event, presided by Cardinal Francisco Robles Ortega, meant the Vatican will now continue with the case of Brother Basilio Rueda Guzmán.

For his beatification, one miracle is required to have taken place through his intercession and a second one to be proclaimed a saint.

The Colegio México de Nuevo Laredo school stated in Facebook “the Marists of Mexico share with joy that the path towards sainthood of Brother Basilio Rueda Guzmán, proudly Mexican, continues firmly on its way.

On 21 January we remember the date of his death and celebrate his memory.

Complete news about the celebration in the site of the Province of México Occidental



Br Basilio was born in 1924 in Acatlán de Juárez, México, and lost his mother when he was just four years old.

At the age of 17, he entered the juniorate of the Marist Brothers in Tlalpan and made his final vows in 1950.

He studied philosophy and was very involved in groups of Catholic action and animation of catechesis in poor neighborhoods.

From 1965 to 1967 he was appointed director of the novitiate in Sigüenza and then in el Escorial, Spain, where he revolutionized the courses through modern content. He made them more human centering them in the Gospel and being open to the appeal of the Vatican Council II and the problems of modern life. 

In 1967 he was chosen as Superior General for nine years, a surprise to many since he had never been previously appointed as General Councillor or Provincial.

In all of the retreats he gave, prayer was always the central aspect.

After 18 years as General Superior, he took a sabbatical year in 1985, of which he dedicated a good amount to prayer and visited the Holy Land.

He wrote over 2,500 pages of circulars, spiritually accompanied many Brothers and other people, he gave hundreds of retreats and wrote over 50,000 letters to friends, priests, alumni and Brothers.

In 1986, he returned to Mexico and was appointed as head of novitiates of México Central and, invited by Br Charles Howard, he put great effort into launching the Marist Family.

From 1991 – 1996, he became head of novitiates in both of the Mexican provinces and was very close to the youth.

When he died on Jan. 21, 1996, he was cremated, according to his will, and his ashes rest in the Quinta Soledad, provincial home of México Central.

You can read other details about him in www.champagnat.org


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