Cyclone and tragic deaths in Melanesia

While we are focused on the Coronavirus, Category 5 Cyclone Harold raged in Melanesia during these past days. Our Marists experienced a tragic and sad experience in Solomon Islands. Abraham Haiuasi, our deputy Principal in Tenaru, lost his wife and three sons, plus in the early hours of Friday 3rd April 2020,his brother Godfery Waronitepe ,who is also a teacher of St. Joseph’s Tenaru, passed away.

Brother Jean-Marie Batick, superior of the District of Melanesia, had provided a report on the cyclone, the tragedy and other news:  

The experience of Abraham Haiuasi, our deputy Principal in Tenaru, is really a tragic and sad experience. It is very hard to believe that almost all of his family are among the victims.

Cyclone Harold has moved away from Vanuatu leaving behind it a lot of damage particularly on the islands of Santo where the Brothers are, the islands of Pentecost, where Br Bonaventure comes from, and Ambrym Island where I am from. This morning, Tuesday 7, I tried to call the two Brothers in Santo and my family at home and could not get through. All the communication systems are cut off, so I don’t know what type of situation they are in at the moment. Hopefully the communication system will be back sometime today. I will update people when I get some information.

Regardless of all these tragedies and crises, we remain united in prayer as we journey through this Holy Week with Jesus. I believe it is our own cross during this Holy Week. We will stay in solidarity with all those who are directly affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and Cyclone Harold.


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