2020-06-08 GENERAL HOUSE

Educators’ formation in the protection of minors

The Marist Institute is continuing the formation of its educators in the protection of minors. To do this, it has different initiatives that are being developed in various parts of the Marist world.

One of these initiatives is being developed in collaboration with the Pontifical Gregorian University (Center for Child Protection -CCP) and the “Cardenal Cisneros” University Center. The collaboration between different Provinces of the Institute for the carrying out of these courses is a great resource. It is also a luxury to be able to work in a network with other institutions, in this case, with the Gregorian University, so directly linked to the Holy See.

And the fact is that child abuse is a problem, a violation of the rights of thousands of boys and girls throughout the world. This is attested to by the data that we can periodically view. We all know it, we are all aware of this scourge in our societies, and we all have to join in the effort to eradicate it and be at the side of those who suffer it.

This course presents an approach as to what child abuse is, defining and specifying its types. Throughout the course, it focuses more particularly on sexual abuse and on “new” situations of abuse, potentially produced through new technologies.

The Marist mission: working for the defence, protection and well-being of children and young people

Those of us who work vocationally in the integral education of underage children have the duty to protect and care for them, and from there offer them all possible educational resources so that they may grow up in an integral manner in all areas of their lives. For this reason, and in order to do so, we also need to be trained in the threats they may be suffering from and how to combat them.

In this sense, the XXII General Chapter of the Marist Brothers made a declaration to work, even more, for the defence, protection and well-being of the children and young people who are entrusted to us.

Gregorian University and Marist Centres

In 2017 an agreement was signed between the Gregorian University in Rome and some Marist universities. The Cardinal Cisneros University Centre was one of them, which, through five teachers, designed and implemented this formation. In these three years, more than 230 educators have participated in these courses through the CUCC. Educators from Spain, Romania, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, France, Lebanon, China, Bangladesh and Vietnam.

During 7 months the objectives and contents are being developed. All this following an on-line methodology, in which theory is combined with practical elements, as well as an invitation to reflection on our concrete reality. This year, due to the situation caused by the Covid-19, it was not possible to hold the weekend in March.

As a personal experience, I would like to emphasize that it is a commitment that is fully in line with the Marist charism, which seeks to protect the children with whom we work, as well as to offer them the best of treatment, and the best opportunities to grow in an integral way.

We are grateful to the people who have made this course possible. Particularly, thanks to Inmaculada MaĆ­llo and her team for the work well done.


Br. Ɓngel Diego, Director of the Secretariat of Solidarity

The photograph is from last year (July 2019), when the people in charge of these training programmes carried out their evaluation.


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