International Gathering of Marist Youth


Contact: Mr João Carlos de Paula – c[email protected]

UMBRASIL (the Marist Union of Brasil) is co-ordinating the various aspects connected with the organisation of the Meeting and working closely with the Organizing Commission of IMYMO RIO 2013, in order to assure its success. Below is some information on this subject:

  • IMYM RIO 2013 : from 17 to 21 July 2013. 12 places will be reserved per Province or District, 10 for the young people and 2 for those accompanying them. The Meeting of the Youth of the Marist Fathers, Marist Sisters (SM) and the Marist Missionary Sisters (SMSM) will take place at the same time at another Marist school in Rio de Janeiro. The two groups will come together for the last day of the Meeting.
  • The enrollments for the IMYM will be made by the the person responsible for the Marist youth of the Province (information and criteria useful for enrollment will be available from the month of August).
  • Meeting of the 4 Marist branches: this will be held on 22 July.
  •  World Youth Day: from 23 to 28 July. We propose the participation of Marist youth in three main events: Opening Mass, Vigil, and Closing Mass.
  • International Marist Festival: this will take place on 26 July at the end of the day in the  « Colégio Marista São José ». It will be an important moment of fraternity for the Marist youth taking part in the WYD Rio 2013.
  • The other times relative to the WYD programme will be the responsibility of each Marist delegation taking part in the Meeting. The Marist delegations will be accomodated at the « Colégio Marista  São José ».
  • We ask the Provinces not to make the enrollments directly on the site of WYD Rio 2013, but to wait for the arrival of information relating to the enrollment of the Marist pilgrims. It is important to appoint a person in charge of the group going to the WYD. The WYD site is: (Portuguese, Spanish and English). The information relative to the enrollments of the Marist delegations will be sent later.
  • For any concerns or questions about the Programme of the IMYM and the WYD 2013, please contact UMBRASIL, Mr João Carlos de Paula, at the electronic address : c[email protected]
  • Some information on IMYM RIO 2013 will be sent out shortly : site, official logo and social networks.