2019-11-08 ITALY

International Lavalla200> community of Syracuse

On October 11 the International Center for Assistance and Guidance (CIAO), that works with immigrant and refugee youth in Siracusa, signed a memorandum of understanding with the Provincial Center for Adult Education (CPIA) to promote Italian language literacy courses (A2). The signatories, on behalf of both institutions, were Mrs. Simonetta Arnone for the CPIA, and Brother Claudio Begni, for the Marist Province of Mediterránea.

The agreement is the outcome of an extended process of contact, verification and study. Thanks to this initiative, the CIAO can now offer its facilities to many residents of the neighborhood—in large part immigrants and refugees—and to anyone unable to travel to the headquarters of the CPIA in Siracusa, for training to obtain a diploma in Italian language study, one of the requirements for getting a job.

Building networks and working together to unite the public and the private sectors are concrete examples of good social practices already operating in the field. The courses began on October 15th and so far there are more than 50 participants from almost 20 different nations, a melting pot of languages and cultures that fits perfectly with CIAO's mission.

The Marist community of Siracusa belongs to the Lavalla200 project and works with newly arrived migrants, especially unaccompanied minors. The members of the Marist community of Siracusa are Br. Giorgio Banaudi (Prov. Mediterránea), Regina Biasibetti (Prov. Brazil Sul-Amazônia), Br. Ricky Gomez (Prov. Norandina), Rosa Maria Schiaffino (Mediterránea) and  Gabriel Bernardo da Silva (Prov. Brasil Centro-Sul). Until a few days ago, were also part of it Mario Araya (Prov. Santa María de los Andes).


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