2023-11-24 GENERAL HOUSE

Invitation to the III Marist Mission Assembly

On the occasion of the III International Marist Mission Assembly, which will be held from April 8 to 14, 2024, in El Escorial (Spain), under the theme: “We are a Global Family”, Brother José Sánchez Bravo, director of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization, and member of the Preparatory Commission, invited all Marists to participate in the event, which is already underway. (Whatch the video).

“We want to go towards the future, and be able to continue responding to the needs of children and young people,” mentioned Br. José in speaking about the Marist Mission.

Referring to the elements of the logo of this third assembly, Brother José recalled that “, we placed a world behind the Hermitage house, which gives us the idea of Being a Global Family. The image of the Hermitage tells us about the legacy; windows mean looking into the future; the doors mean welcome; and the river Gier that flows represents the water that goes to the whole world”. See logo elements

To date, 2 Mission Assemblies have been held: One in 2007 in Mendes (Brazil), with the motto: ‘One heart, one Mission’, and another in 2014 in Nairobi (Kenya), under the motto: ‘New Marists in mission’.

Preparatory Commission

Brothers José Sánchez Bravo and Niño Pizarro (Secretariat of Education and Evangelization), Br. Angel Diego García (Secretariat of Solidarity), Br. Alejandro Mena (Province of Ibérica), Mrs. Mónica Villacís (Province of Norandina), Mrs. Fátima Rodríguez (Province of Brasil Centro-Norte), Mrs. Socorro Alvarez, (Province of México Central), Br. Maurice Juvence (Madagascar), Br. Fernando Sasmika (South Asia), Mr. Mark Elliott (Province Star of the Sea), and Mr. Francisco Javier Llamas (Champagnat Global).


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