Letters of Marcellin – 062

Marcellin Champagnat


This circular is not in the Founders handwriting and no doubt it was not composed directly by him. We know that he entrusted more and more administrative business to his immediate collaborators, but he was always the soul and inspiration of the team.

We still have two copies of this circular. The first was sent To Brother Antoine, teacher in Millery near Givors, RhĂŽne; the postmark reads: St-Chamond, 24th August 1835. It contains two postscripts: the number of the house, NÂș 15, and the decision, in Fr. Champagnats handwriting, concerning Brother Ligouri. The second copy has no address. The P.S. gives NÂș 1 as the number of the house. Since La Valla always heads every list, we can presume that this is the copy for that community, but as it includes no special notes, that detail is not very important.

24th August 1836

My very dear Brothers,

On this occasion, I can repeat to you our Saviors words when he said to his disciples, Come take a little rest in some secluded place (Mark, ch. 6, v. 31). Come relax and regain your strength in a place of peace, silence and recollection with the same dispositions the Apostles had in the Cenacle. Just as the group of first Christians were of one heart and one mind, we will strive to recreate in our own lives the virtues of which they have given us such beautiful examples. But so that this general cooperation in setting things in proper order may not be interrupted for any reason, it is fitting that you carry out what is specified below.
1Âș On your arrival, visit the Blessed Sacrament and the superior or his replacement, to whom you will give your account book.
2Âș Go to the designated spot without stopping for unnecessary conversations (you will be given the numbers of your various places when you arrive).
3Âș The brothers from the establishments, far from thinking they are dispensed from the rule while at the motherhouse, should be the first to give good example.
4Âș If some failing against the rule has been committed or is committed, inform only those who can do something about it.
5Âș Do not leave off work without the permission of whoever is in charge.
Bring with you all the catalogs which are in the establishments, and the books which the brothers use: Manuel du chrétien, Livre dOr, catechism, Bible history, missal, method of meditation, chronological tables, LHomonds grammar, decimal arithmetic, geometry and the various instruments used for that science.
Please settle your accounts with the library as far as possible. The large number of novices who have not paid any-
thing, and the heavy expenditures which have been made are all the more reason to urge this upon you.
We would like everyone to be here on Tuesday, 16th October. Please take care not to be absent, because the retreat will probably begin right away.
Tell the novices who may have intended to come with you that they cannot be received until 15th October, as it would be impossible to find room for them because of the large number who have been accepted this year.
While looking forward to the pleasure of embracing you, I have the honor to be your very devoted father in Jesus and Mary.

P.S. Everyone should bring 1 shirt, 1 handkerchief, a nightcap numbered like this […] M. NÂș 15 (all your linen should be marked the same way).

P.S. Brother Ligouri intends to visit you again this year, for the last time.

Edition: Translation from: Lettres de Marcellin J. B. Champagnat (1789-1840) Fondateur de l?Institut des FrÚres Maristes, présentés par FrÚre Paul Sester,1985.

fonte: DaprÚs les expéditions manuscrites, AFM, 111.16.,


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