Letters of Marcellin – 270

Marcellin Champagnat


The fact that yet another diocese is showing interest in the congregation, especially when the head of that diocese is Bishop Ferdinand Donnet, a native of Bourg-Argental and fellow-student of Fr. Champagnats (cf. OM, III, pp. 989-990), is certainly important. But despite all that, in view of the lack of brothers to fill all the requests, it is not possible for the moment to satisfy this one. However, the obvious interest expressed in the Founders letter will bring Fr. Deschal back to the attack a month later (cf. L. 284).


We were very glad to receive the important letter you did us the honor to write us and in which you inform us of the kindly attitude of His Lordship the Archbishop of Bordeaux towards our society. We will do all we can to make ourselves useful to his important diocese when Providence provides us with an opportunity to make establishments there. At this moment it would be impossible for us to give you brothers because the establishments we can make this year are all promised and we have to fill a great number of requests previous to yours.

Please accept my gratitude for the trust with which you wish to honor our house and the sincere devotedness with which I have the honor to be….

Edition: Translation from: Lettres de Marcellin J. B. Champagnat (1789-1840) Fondateur de l?Institut des Frères Maristes, présentés par Frère Paul Sester,1985.

fonte: Daprès la minute, AFM, RCLA 1, p. 133, nº 164


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