2023-01-03 PHILIPPINES

Marist Family Encounter of the East Asia Province

The Vocations Committee of the East Asia Province spearheaded by Br. Rommel C. Ocasiones, organized a gathering of Lay and Brothers for the 2nd Marist Family Encounter held last December 22, 2022, at the East Asia Province Center, Lagao, Philippines. Around 77 brothers and laity gathered face to face at the venue and 15 others from the various parts of East Asia Province met in Zoom. The theme was “Caring for and sharing our Marists vocations!”,

The program for the day was facilitated by the Directors of the Secretariat of Brothers Today, Brothers Ángel Medina and Lindley Sionosa, engaging the participants into the process of reflecting, sharing, and celebrating Marist life. This event is in line with the celebration of the Year of Marist Vocations with its theme:  Caring for and Generating Marist Life.

Br. Lindley presented the goals of the year’s celebration: (1) Rediscovering the original passion that inspired us to be Marists, (2) Promoting and nourishing the diversity of Marist life and recognizing and supporting distinctive vocational paths; (3) Encouraging vocation among young people and (4) There is great value in being Marists today. These goals guided the content and process of the gathering.

The event ended with heartfelt affirmations that it was, indeed, an enriching and meaningful encounter. When participants were asked to reflect on the great value of being Marists today, Princess Joy Ferrer Dicto has this to say: “our missions that are still on fire keeps us going so we can reach out to more people and communities, letting Marcellin, Mary and Jesus be known to all. This I believe is the great value of being Marist today.”


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