2023-08-16 GENERAL HOUSE

Meeting of the Preparatory Commission of MIMA III

A meeting was held last August 10 by the Preparatory Commission of the III Marist International Mission Assembly 2024 (MIMA III) that will be held from 8th to 14th April 2024 in El Escorial (Spain) under the theme “We are Global Family”.

The Commission’s meeting was facilitated by Br. José Sánchez Bravo, the director of the Secretariat of Education and Evangelization and attended by the members of the commission including Br. Niño Pizarro, Assistant Director of the secretariat.

Part of the important things in the agenda that were discussed were the following:

  • The review of the written logistics and resources pertaining to the whole preparation of the MIMA III as well as going through who are the responsible persons assigned to each task in the logistics.
  • The presentation of the plans of the Ad hoc communication team on how to disseminate or communicate to all Marists of Champagnat in the world the content of the processes and methodology about the upcoming MIMA III. Part of the goals of the team is to create an atmosphere wherein every Marist of Champagnat becomes  aware and actively involved in the whole process of MIMA III. The information will be mainly provided by the Institute’s site and through social media accounts using the hashtag #MIMA24.
  • The review of the logo that bears with the theme “We are a global family”.

The members of the Preparatory Commission are: Brothers José Sánchez Bravo and Niño Pizarro (Secretariat of Education and Evangelization), Br. Angel Diego García (Secretariat of Solidarity), Br. Alejandro Mena (Province of Ibérica), Mrs. Mónica Villacís (Province of Norandina), Mrs. Fátima Rodríguez (Province of Brasil Centro-Norte), Mrs. Socorro Alvarez, (Province of México Central), Br. Maurice Juvence (Madagascar), Br. Fernando Sasmika (South Asia), Mr. Mark Elliott (Province Star of the Sea), and Mr. Francisco Javier Llamas (Champagnat Global).


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