2015-04-09 KENYA

New Horizons

Br David Hall, Br John Kusi-Mensah, Br João Carlos do Prado, Br Mario Meuti (FMSI), Br Francis Fortune, Ms. Mary Wairia, Br Michel Maminiaina, Br Bernard Oguta, Ms. Angela Petenzi (FMSI) and Mr. Gary Norton met at Roussel House in Nairobi, Kenya from 27 to 29 March 2015, to finalize the programme for the workshop “New Horizons – Authentic and Transformative Leadership for a New Africa”, and organizational issues before implementation.

The goal of this workshop is to develop school leaders who will contribute to the realization of authentic and transformative leadership in a new Africa.

The framework of this programme includes six New Horizons, or themes, which focus on the purpose and relevance of Marist education in a modern world, as visioned by our founder, St Marcellin Champagnat, almost two hundred years ago. The first of three workshops will take place at Dimesse House in Nairobi, Kenya from 27 July to 8 August 2015 (Madagascar & PACE). The other two workshops will take place from 18 to 30 April 2016 (Southern Africa), and from 8 to 20 August 2016 (Nigeria & West Africa).

We are hoping that this program, which was the initiative of the African Mission Commission in 2008 in Zimbabwe and Madagascar in 2012, is well-supported by our Marist leaders in Africa and that they will be able to implement policies and procedures, influenced by the unique Marist Charism, in their own schools which should benefit our educators and children in Africa.


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