2023-12-08 GENERAL HOUSE

Online meeting with novitiate formators

The Secretariat Brothers Today, made up of brothers Ángel Medina Bermudez, director, and Lindley Halago Sionosa, Assistant Director, organized an online meeting with the Masters of Novices and their work teams on November 28. The meeting aimed to strengthen the ties between the novitiate formators, and promote reciprocal support and communion among the brothers, in their mission.

The Secretariat of Brothers Today is frequently in contact with the different formation houses in all the Marist regions. The discernment process is designed to help the novice deepen his faith and prepare for his religious profession. Currently, there are 8 novitiates in the Institute, with a total of 79 novices, 40 in the first year and 39 in the second.

Africa Region

There are three novitiates. The novitiate of Save, in Rwanda, has 22 novices (12 first year and 10 second year) from the Provinces of Afrique Centre-Est (PACE) and Madagascar. The novice master is Brother Fabien Bulaimu. The novitiate of Matola, in Mozambique, for the Province of Southern Africa, has 7 novices in the first year. The novice master is Brother Lawrence Ndawala. The novitiate of Kumasi, Ghana, receives novices from the Province of Nigeria and West Africa, and currently has 14 novices. The novice master is Brother Sylvain Yao.

Regions of Asia and Oceania

The novices from the two regions do their formation at the Marist International Novitiate of Tudella, in Sri Lanka. This novitiate receives novices from the District of Asia and the Provinces of South Asia and Star of the Sea. The master of novices is Brother Francisco Garc├şa, and there are 12 novices: 5 in the first year and 7 in the second year.

Arco Norte Region

There are 3 novitiates. The Interprovincial Novitiate of La Valla in Medell├şn (Colombia), whose novice master is Brother Alejandro Herrera. It has 7 novices. 3 in the first year and 4 in the second. The Novitiate of Les Cayes (Haiti) has 5 novices in the first year and 4 in the second. The novice master is Brother Antonio Cavazos. The third formation house is the Bronx Novitiate, in New York (United States), which has 2 novices in the second year. The novice master is Brother Don Bisson.

America Sur Region

In Bolivia there is the Champagnat Regional Novitiate of Cochabamba. The Marist community welcomes the novices from the 5 provinces of the Region. The novice master is Brother Rubens Falchetto. There are 7 novices: 4 novices are finishing the second year and 3 the first.

There are two novices with special monitoring. One in Madagascar (second year) and another in Brasil Centro-Sul (first year).


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