2019-08-22 BRAZIL

?Our Superior Generals?

The Marist Memorial of the Province of Brasil Centro-Sul published the book "Our Superior Generals" with the biographies of the Superiors of the Institute of the Marist Brothers, from 1839 to 1993.

The book, published by PUCPRESS, presents the biography of the first ten successors of Marcellin Champagnat. The book offers an analysis of the evolution of the Marist Institute from 1839 to 1985, in which the work of the superiors continuing to expand and update the Marist mission in the different regions where the charism has been and is still present, is recounted.

Recent research has helped to recognize Marcellin Champagnat as the initiator of a movement whose success has depended from the beginning on the Brothers who have helped him make Mary's work a reality. This publication also fills a gap in the Marist historiography of the Portuguese language by making known the lives of the Superior Generals  who have died, from Brother François (1839-1860) to Brother Charles Howard (1985-1993). All of them responded faithfully and creatively to the charism of Father Champagnat and have succeeded in expanding the Marist mission to the present day.

The complete presentation of the work in Portuguese can be read here.

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