2021-03-23 GENERAL HOUSE

Process of defining legal structures, at a global level, for the Marist life and mission

There is an important need in the Institute to update, adapt and direct the legal structures, both in the Administrative Units and in the different works of mission. To meet this need, the Superior General and his Council appointed the Legal Structures Committee in 2019 to design a process for the creation of legal structures, at the global level, that are at the service of Marist life and mission. At the end of the Committee’s work, the General Council approved a series of recommendations which, among other things, direct the Administrative Units to take an active role in adapting and updating their legal structures. At present, Br Libardo Garzón and Br Luis Carlos Gutiérrez continue to develop this process. Progress is being made in the establishment and recognition of legal structures in the United States and Holland.

Creation of the legal structure in Holland

A year ago, with the visit of Brothers Luis Carlos Gutiérrez, Libardo Garzón, Xavi Giné and Robert Thunus to Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg, the process of searching, adapting the statutes and defining the organisation of the first Global Entity with its headquarters in Holland began.

Currently, with the assistance of civil and canon lawyers, the statutes have been drawn up and the corresponding procedures will be carried out with the authorities of the country.

This Entity of the Institute will serve to support and complement the Provinces and the Institute in the efforts of governance, management and animation of the mission, especially where it is necessary to focus on actions of sustainability and vitality.

Meeting of the Vicar General with the Province of West Central Europe

On 12 March 2021, Brothers Luis Carlos, Libardo Garzón and Ben Consigli met with Brothers Robert Thunus and Jacques Scholte to receive the documents from the lawyers in Holland with the documentary proposal.

On 18 March 2021, Br. Luis Carlos, at the request of the Provincial Council of West Central Europe, held a briefing on the progress of the Global Entities.

With the Provincial Council of the Province, the historical background of this project, its aims and purposes, its basic structure, the possibilities of its functioning, its establishment and the possible relationship with the Provinces or countries of the Marist world were discussed. The possible benefits for the Administrative Units and the recommendations approved by the General Council for the governance and management of the mission and assets of the Institute were also discussed. Then there was time for questions to the Vicar General to address the ideas of the Provincial Council.


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